Welcome to Sirio Ayurveda!

The purpose of this website

To help people find information who seek for the improvement of their life through the means of Ayurveda.

Please note that our advices might not replace the necessity of a medical treatment. Besides, we believe that the means of Ayurveda, the ancient knowledge can contribute to the betterment of any kind of light or severe condition, or tp purify and treat the body in order to feel good, so we can only encourage everyone, to not wait, but begin to act for a healthy living.

General information about us
The Sirio Ayurveda was created by Master Sirio Ji as an additional therapy room of the non-profit Sant Bani Ashram Association.
The purpose of Sirio Ayurveda is to contribute to the physical well-being of those seekers who visit the Sant Bani Ashram in Tuscany. Therefore the ayurvedic therapies are only and exclusively are for the registered members of the Sant Bani Ashram Association. The therapies are free of charge for all the members, donations can be left for the maintaining and improving of the Association.

What is the Sant Bani Ashram Association?
The Sant Bani Ashram Association is a non-profit organisation, that was founded in 1988 by Master Sirio Carrapa Ji. It’s not only an organisation, but an Ashram that is located in the Tuscan hillsides near the sea, in Maremma. This Ashram is a functioning European meditation centre of Sant Mat or Surat Shabd Yoga, as thought by Sant Kirpal Singh and Sant Ajaib Singh Ji.

So the purpose of the Association is the spreading of Surat Shabd Yoga (meditation on the Inner Light and Sound) according to Master Sirio Ji, and to benefit human beings through their stay in the Ashram. All our activity within the Association is motivated by selfless service for our members.

What are we doing in the Sant Bani Ashram?
The Ashram offers regular (Spring, Summer, Autumn) spiritual (intense meditation) retreats for all sincere seeking souls who would like to be benefited by this special place and experience its atmosphere.

All spiritual programs that are organized here are for free for all attendants, the only fee that occurs is the personal cost of staying here (such as accommodation and three times daily vegetarian meals).

Please find more information about the spiritual activity of the Ashram, about Master Sirio Ji and His teachings on the siriosatsang.com website.
Besides the meditations and Satsangs (when Master Sirio Ji is giving His teachings in the form of lectures) we offer free yoga practice in group for the attendants of our programs.

Above this we offer free ayurvedic therapies for all those who need it, and would like to take further advantage of their stay in the Ashram on the physical level as well.

Further information about the SBA Association
The Sant Bani Ashram Association only welcomes those who are ready to respect the place and keep its rules. The Ashram is a non-smoking, vegetarian place where it’s not allowed to smoke, forbidden the use of any kind of drugs or to drink alcohol, plus people are requested to follow a vegetarian diet (no meat, no fish, no eggs) while staying here. Those who break these rules, behave disrespectful towards the Ashram, the Master or any other person who is staying in the Ashram are requested to leave immediately.

There’s no spiritual community in the Ashram, out of the programs people have to ask permission to stay here.

Since the scope of the Sant Bani Ashram Association is the spreading of Surat Shabd Yoga, it is also functioning as a small publisher (S.B.A.Books) for Sant Mat related spiritual literature. The Association also has a small spiritual library (Italian and English language literature) that tries to offer a view on spirituality, especially from the view of Surat Shabd Yoga and it’s Masters.

Another nonprofit and selfless activity of the Sant Bani Ashram Association that began in 2017/2018 is the supporting of a pre- and primary school in India (Dehradun) where only such children go who live under the minimum, from families in deep poverty. This way the Sant Bani Ashram Association began a collaboration with the Manav Kendra Association (the Indian association that tries to maintain the school). Please find further information about this “Manav Kendra School” project on the school.manav-kendra.org website.

Who is Master Sirio?
Master Sirio is an ayurvedic therapist, and a spiritual teacher.

Ayurvedic activity
Master Sirio first studied Ayurveda in 1995 from dr.Nanal and dr.Bhagwan Dass in Florence and to make his knowledge and experience in it deeper, he also travelled to India, and studied and practiced the method in the Ayurvedic Hospital in Coimbator.

One of the motives behind learning Ayurveda was that his wife got an auto-immune disease. Unfortunatelly the allopathic medicine was nor able to give an exact diagnosis, nor was able to cure her. Therefore Sirio Ji decided to try to help her through the means of Ayurveda, and then in the same way he tried to help those in a selfless way whose whoever in need. He also wrote a book on Ayurveda. In the past years he continuously reduced his ayurvedic activities and in 2019 he completely stopped becasue of health reasons. Now he is only focusing his attention on the spiritual teachings.

Regarding the spiritual side
He had a spontain spiritual awakening at the age of 20, following which he began an intense practice of yoga and meditation, then travelled to India via land. There he met his spiritual Master in the person of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, who initiated him into the tradition of Surat Shabd Yoga in India in 1973. After this meeting He dedicated 2 years of His life to continuous meditation.

After the passing away of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (1974), he followed one of His disciples who continued the spiritual work of their Master, called Sant Ajaib Singh Ji.
He asked Sirio Ji in 1975 to be His European representative and to give Intitiation in His name. Sirio Ji had a 20 years long intense cooperation with his second Master until His death, when he began to carry on the spiritual work of his Masters.

He is organising regular spiritual retreats in the Ashram, and He does never take and never accepts any money for His spiritual work. Moreover He is maintaining the Sant Bani Ashram in Italy, founded by Him in a completely selfless way. He takes it as a service for humanity, since in His understanding, as said by His Masters “spirituality is a free gift of nature, such as the life, the air or water”. That’s His philosophy that He applies in all the fields of life.