Abhyanga or Ayurvedic massage is a great gift from mother nature to mankind in the world and India. It seems that massage has always been in the center of social life of all humans: the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabians, the people of the Far East, the Chinese and Indians. In India, mothers begin to massage their newborn babies just to show love and attention, to help their little body to develop in a harmonious way and perform its functions well. It is even declared that massage has the ability to change the DNA of the one who receives it regularly and in case of genetic diseases one may get to improve considerably.

Abhyanga is a mean

  • to cleanse the body from toxines
  • to heal some arthritic or rheumatic problems: lombo siatalgia cervix
  • to revitalize the body
  • to relax the nerval system
  • to enhance the three fluids circulation: arterial,venal,and lymph
  • and altogether provokes a general deep well-being

Shiro Dara

This therapy is pouring a thin thread of warm oil on the forehead and head, between the eyebrows for about half an hour.

Together with Pizhikil (and other therapies) it may bring a deep well being of the body. It has a great effect on the mental faculties and the consciousness.

Very effective to improve memory, against depression, stress and frustration of life. People with Alzheimer disease may get lots of benefit from this treatment.

The Shiro Dhara is a very light technique, delicate and deep that - like the famous drop that by keeps continually falling on a rock eventually (maybe after centuries) - succeeds to undo it. In fact Shiro Dhara acts the same way on the psyche (but of course within much less time), it turns it off. By the continuous flowing of warm oil on the same spot, always in the same light, relaxing way, at some point may happen the turning off of the thinking process, so one enters into a kind of deep meditative state, trance, a Samadhi, or at least, a deep relaxation.

But of course, like with every thing in life, for some people it is an extraordinary technique, amazing, some others fall into a relaxing asleep and nothing more, while still others just get relaxed. Considering its simplicity one would not expect that this therapy could cause such an effect, but the greatness hides in its simplicity thus at the end of the treatment most of the people are surprised, positively impressed by the effect.

There have been cases, when the one getting the therapy experienced transcendental visions, went in a real state of Samadhi which is just the same like when one is able to go in a very deep meditation. Some others find a deep peace, like feeling totally anesthetic, a minor or major withdrawal of the body consciousness – so altogether they felt very peaceful, very relaxed.



This therapy consists of pouring warm oil all over the body for forty minutes alternating with a light massage then nicely finished with a Shiro Dara.

In Ayurveda this treatment is used to heal for example bad arthrities of all sorts, poliomelite and other bad deseases.

This treatment in Ayurveda is very popular and powerful. It is used in curing serious diseases like paralysis, polio, arthritis of all kinds, and any rheumatic pain. No doubt, it greatly softens and relaxes the muscles so it is beneficial in cases of fibromyalgia. Moreover it definitely plays great positive action on the nervous system, the psyche and the consciousness as well, therefore suits very much those who are super stressed, sleepless, cannot relax and cannot go into deep meditation. In fact, to those who make unsuccessful attempts to practice meditation, we highly recommend undergoing a course of several weeks Pizhikil/ Shiro Dara joint, which for sure helps to open the doors of spiritual perception. There is a feeling of a kind of rebirth, inner cleansing, softness, to let go without fear because you're too well to feel any fear.

 Navarakizhi or Pinda Sweda

This is another excellent Ayurvedic therapy to regenerate and invigorate the body. It is generally used at the end of Pancha karma to strengthen the body after passing through the various expulsion therapies. It is also used in case of emaciated, weak people, the elderly, the convalescents to restore vigor to their body or in healthy people to prevent and be even better.

It is made using eight bundles of rice pudding or other cereals cooked in a decoction previously prepared by cooking the root of a herb called Bala (from the family of the Malvaceae). Bala in Sanskrit means strength, so the rice cooked in this herb becomes nourishing for the tissues and invigorating. It is beneficial in cases of rheumatism, arthritis of various types, gout, swelling in general, and improves the quality of the skin and appearance.

This therapy can be done to people in good health every day, in non-healthy halls can be done every other day or twice a week.

The massage of the head

In the churches the dome is always the most special part and the frescoes depict God up there, the Holy Spirit who is represented in the shape of the dove and the Christ who stands for that lucky being who has the good fortune to receive the Holy Spirit and thus contemplate the vision of Supreme Reality. Temples, whether Hindu or Sikh or Buddhist, also have very special domes that mean that the human head is the most important part of this wonderful human body.

Even if we want to take into consideration the theory of the seven Chakras (or the seven wheels of energy) of Yoga, all of them have a certain importance for the development of consciousness and human potential, but the sixth and seventh that are in the middle of the forehead. and eight fingers higher than the eyebrows, at the fontanelle, are the most important.

The head is however the seat of the central nervous system: it is from here that all the commands start, all the impulses arrive and everything is processed and processed. The brain is in the skull box which, like a valid safe, contains this precious jewel which is the mullet. In the brain, various endocrine glands are positioned that perform important, vital functions for the harmonious development of life, and for the psychological and psychophysical balance.

Therefore, the head is a very important anatomical part, very delicate and central in the whole economy of the organism.

People suffering from frequent headaches of epilepsy have this very sensitive and aching anatomical part. Massaging it gives him so much benefit.

In short, the head massage is very relaxing and beneficial for everyone.

Facial massage

It is true that the massage of the whole body is very beneficial and is an important therapeutic action to prevent illness and promote good health, but it is even more true that the massage of the head and, of the face in particular, are something really special. Because? It's obvious! The head and the face are the seat of the central nervous system.

This means that, in proportion, there is an energetic activity in the head that is much higher than the rest of the body. As a result, when you switch to the head massage, the magnetic intensity that comes into action is truly amazing. This typical meditation atmosphere is developed and both the people in question (operator and recipient) enter into deep peace.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna is a dry sauna, so this way it is very beneficial against the inflammation of muscles or joints, and mainly any kind of inflammation.

It may reach a temperature of sixty Celsius that is very pleasant, one does not feel overheated as it may happen to a number of people with the Amman or the wet Finnish sauna. it does not cause such overwork or stress for the heart and blood-pressure as it is with other types of saunas. Moreover it is highly recommended in the case of any rheumatic or arthritic pains and may be very beneficial even in such severe cases like fibromyalgia MCS etc.