The place

Sirio Ayurveda is located in Italy, in the scenic region of Tuscany. The Center itself is integral part of the Sant Bani Ashram, where so much spiritual practice has been done over the last thirty-nine years, consequently the atmosphere is very special, very peaceful, very relaxing, very silent, we could say very holy, helping to heal your body and mind.

Many people who visited this place say that

“…it is enough to just be here and breathe the air in order to feel good.”

So if to this we add excellent ayurvedic therapies then you may just imagine how you may feel at the end of your stay.

This way by the end of the stay you will feel completely reborn, your body and your mind will be well detoxified and balanced. You will experience feelings and sensations that you might have had when you were very young. By the Shiro Dhara treatment all your mental faculties will be enhanced, not mentioning now the other treatments that benefit your complete being. (About the treatments that we offer, you may read more at ‘Services’.)

The center is not fancy because this is not what we want, as mentioned above, we like beauty in simplicity. It is anyhow very beautiful, well taken care of and welcoming. Most of our furniture and tools at Sirio Ayurveda are the handcraft of Sirio, made of natural materials. The place – as written before - is also an ashram where we have periodical spiritual retreats therefore it is meant for this purpose as well. So do not expect to find a hotel here, but you find a home away from your home with homish accommodations.

The unique, charged-up atmosphere of the place and its wonderful natural and factual surroundings, combined with high quality ayurvedic treatments make it ideal for all those who seek for a complete renewal.