Our philosophy

Sirio Ayurveda Ayurvedic Center was founded by Master Sirio in 2013, and it is unique in the West, since here you get the same or even less price that you may get in ayurvedic centers in India. So while in Europe you may get an excellent ayurvedic treatment at a really favourable price. You may find other ayurvedic centers, but you may not get anywhere else on the continent such prices that you get here at Sirio Ayurveda.

Our philosophy is to offer high quality services at a fair price for the maximum satisfaction and benefit of our clients. Ayurveda is not just a job for us to make money, but our profession, our lifestyle and philosophy that we would like to share for the complete well-being of our clients.

How can we be so cheap?

Very simple. Our philosophy is fair play, therefore we offer a win-win cooperation and service for our clients.

We believe in the beauty of nature, so we use only our own 100% biologic, high quality natural products that we produce here organically. Our style is beauty in simplicity, so almost all our furniture are handmade, made of natural materials. Therefore , beside our professionalism, we have everything here at this wonderful place, what mother nature can give to human beings. This is what – combined with our high level professional calling - we would like to convey for all those who wish to take the benefit of coming here at Sirio Ayurveda for a relaxing holiday, internal cleansing, detoxification, charging-up and for deep rejuvenation.